Sunday service preparations

  • Setting Up (10:15 a.m.)
  • Bringing Food
  • Cleaning Up (after fellowship)


  • White team (Kathleen S.)
  • Black team (Geoff M.)
  • Red Team (Jeanne T.)

For more information, or to volunteer for preparation or cleanup, please contact Dan at

Instructions for setup

  1. The Communion table (small, brown table by the stage) needs to be set up (i.e., with the bread and the wine/ juice- see #7 below). The wine and the juice are stored in the storage room on the right either in the box so marked or on one of the shelves to the right of the window- again, see #7 below.
  2. There is a thermostat in the back room. Please turn the heat up to 65 degrees.
  3. Sign: there is a yellow and black Grace UCC sign in the storage room on the right. This goes out on the main sidewalk by the street.
  4. Chairs should be set up so as to leave an aisle down the middle. Four chairs on each side. Total rows can be seven to eight for a total number of chairs to be 56-60. If there are extra chairs, they can be folded and placed against the wall on the sides towards the back or used for the set up for the children’s room in the back
  5. The room in the back where the thermostat is needs to be set up for children’s time during the main worship celebration. There is a wood table already there and another, smaller, white card table can be obtained from the storage room on the left. This can be placed next to the wood table to make one longer table. (Make sure the white card table’s legs are locked, as these tables can be tricky.) Over the two tables can be placed a yellow, plastic, table cover that can be found in the storage room on the right. In addition, the children’s supplies can be wheeled into the area. Also, the wood chairs and the office wheeled chair in the room can be moved into the coatroom…Then chairs from the main room can be set up around the longer table. A total of eight to ten chairs should now be around this table.
  6. A wooden table with two leaves functions as the Communion Table. Make sure the two leaves are out.
  7. The purple “grape patterned” tablecloths go on the Communion table and a gold runner runs through the middle of them. They are stored in the storage room on the right in a box marked “linens.” A wooden cross, candles and the Communion cups (2) and bread plate can be placed on the table. The gold chalice can be filled with wine. The gray chalice can remain empty while the clay pitcher can be filled with juice. The chalices, pitcher and plate should then be covered with the napkins found on the same shelves.
  8. The pulpit goes adjacent to the Communion table. This is wooden and can be found in the storage room on the left. It rolls on wheels.
  9. Put out banners (one on the pulpit, two on the mantel).
  10. Hymnals go on every seat. If you run out of hymnals a chair here and there can be skipped. Bulletins are passed out right before service.
  11. Feel free to place candles around the worship space. In addition to the Communion table we often placed some on the mantel over the fireplace. There is a candle lighter near the shelf for the candles. There are extra small candles in a grey storage tub marked “Candles.”
  12. There are two gray metal “tracks” that can be moved from the storage area on the right and placed against the wall next to the front door. These are used to help anyone in a wheel chair come up and in over the steps.
  13. Place the bulletin board, any brochures, and the calendar on the back table next to the children’s area.
  14. Kitchen area: starting the coffee is always nice. (Use 10 cups of water and heaping 5 measures – this amount will fit into the thermal pots and a second pot can be made before the service and started near the end of the service.) The big plastic bin and small white basket filled with plates and other items are in the storage room on the right and can be carried into the kitchen. Items can be set out in the “window” area and on the table just outside the window for fellowship time. The coffee maker and hot water maker can be found in the same room. Extra napkins, coffee cups are also stored there. If supplies are low, let your team captain know.
  15. If possible, make sure there are toilet paper and paper towels available in the restroom. These supplies are found in the storage room on the left

** In our contract with the Women’s Club, we were asked NOT to use their dishes and let’s try to abide by that. If necessary to use a knife or cutting board, some foil or plastic wrap, or a dish towel, please wash these and put them away and take the dish towel home to wash and bring back soon after.

Thank you so much for doing this!

Cleaning up Grace UCC

  1. Communion items need to be rinsed well, dried and returned to the marked shelf in the closet. The tablecloths returned to the “Linens” box, and the round table pushed back against the stage.
  2. Bring sign back into the building.
  3. Rearrange the chairs in straight rows as found.
  4. Return the Children’s Area to the way it was found, removing folding chairs, taking down the card table, returning the wooden and office chairs, and removing the table cloth and cart.
  5. Candles should be extinguished and returned to the shelves in the closet.
  6. Return banners to storage area.
  7. Return the pulpit to the closet on the left.
  8. Hymnals should be put on the cart and all loose paper collected into a pile.
  9. The kitchen area will need to be cleaned: coffee makers and thermal pots rinsed and returned to the closet, the plastic tub and basket refilled and returned to the closet, any trays washed and stored away and any other items which belong to us should be returned to the closet area where they were belong. It’s good to wipe down the counters and to check if the floors need to be swept. Any food stored in the refrigerator needs to be marked with “GRACE,” and this should be kept to a minimum.
  10. Check the bathrooms to be sure they are as clean as they were when we arrived.
  11. Turn the thermostat back to the setting indicated.
  12. We need to carry the trash out to the dumpster in back.
  13. Make a check of the rooms to be sure all Grace UCC items are returned to the closet.
  14. Turn off lights, make sure doors are locked.