About Grace UCC

Grace UCC is an active and growing community in the heart of Hunterdon County.

Many in our church:

  • Take the Bible seriously, but not literally.
  • Accept all wherever they are on their faith journeys.
  • Try to judge no one.
  • Believe God is still speaking in our midst.
  • Believe in a liberty of conscience.
  • Believe in evolution as not being a hindrance to faith but as a part of faith.
  • Have come from places where they have not felt welcomed.

The national UCC’s response to our recent church assessment:

Congratulations on having met or surpassed many of your stated goals from your original grant proposal from Feb 2006. Your growth is apparent in the increase in worship attendance, membership, giving and all the mission moments and programming that you are generating. Many blessing and keep up the great work!

God is still speaking image

God is still speaking