Ash Wednesday


This past Wednesday, during our Ash Wednesday worship, attendees were invited to the table to share what they were going to be working on and/or giving up for Lent. Following their sharing, they each lit a candle and placed it in the sand bowl (it looks like a birthday cake for Lent, doesn’t it?). Here are some of the things shared:

  • Working on living “in the now.”

  • Giving up alcohol.

  • Limiting/eliminating facebook/internet usage.

  • Being more humble, relying more on others.

  • Becoming more patient.

  • Painting more; reading and writing more.

  • Listening to others more intently.

  • Caring more for others.

  • Self-care/healing self.

Visit the Grace UCC facebook page to share what you’ll be working on this Lent.