Angel Patrol 2018

The 2018 Angel Patrol program was very successful. We adopted six families who are currently homeless or who have come through a period of homeless but who are still struggling. In addition to eight adults, there were 20 children among the six families. The families were all very appreciative of the many gifts they received.

Here are some quotes from the currently homeless families being sheltered:

Mom: “I was so happy to get a winter coats for me and my daughter. We’ve needed winter coats for so many years. I was not expecting such generous gifts.”

4 year old Daughter: “I loved my new doll! Let me show you how pretty it is.”

Mom:  “Thank you for my bottle of perfume! I was hesitant to put it on my wish list. But it is wonderful to have some perfume… it makes me feel so good.”

 10 year old Son: “I got a LeBron James jersey, a scooter and a helmet! I love my scooter.”

Mom:  “Thank you. The $200 gift card to ShopRite was a total surprise! I didn’t ask for a grocery card but my family will have many nice meals now.”

7 year old Son:  “I got a Jurassic World jigsaw puzzle. I love dinosaurs! Wanna help me put the puzzle together again?”

 Attached are three pictures taken on Christmas evening. One Family Promise Guest said it best:

 “A lot of churches only help people who are members of their church. You have to be someone who go there every Sunday. They teach the Word of God, but they don’t live the Word of God. You guys live the Word of God. Thank you for adopting my family for Christmas.”

Thank you to all of the volunteers who made this Christmas joy possible, and special thanks to Family Promise and our own Bill Taylor for providing us with this opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ this Christmas.