Get to Know the Wednesday Morning Study Group


By Elaine Dreskin

Our study group meets on Wednesday mornings at 9:30 at Grateful Bites on Rt. 42 State Route 12, Flemington, NJ.  We aren’t strictly speaking a “Bible study” group, as we generally read books with theological themes without including the Bible directly.  Some of our recent authors include Marcus Borg, Robin Meyers, John Dominic Crossan and John Shelby Spong.

Presently, we’re reading “Hope and Other Superpowers,” by the pastor and blogger John Pavlovitz.  Written after the 2016 election, it’s a heartening and inspiring book in our current sometimes discouraging times. Pavlovitz challenges readers to be the heroes our days call for, rather than waiting for Superman and Wonder Woman (and other superheroes) to rise to the circumstances and come to save us. 

All are welcome to attend - we’re not a women’s group. 

We’ve met kind of sporadically in the last few months, because of group members’ travel, childcare responsibilities, weather, etc., so if anyone is interested in attending, please check with me to be sure we are meeting that day.  My email address: