Ways to Grow (Build) a Stronger Spiritual Life

  1. Be a river, not a swamp

  2. Identify blessings

  3. Be like Moses - Speak words of blessing

  4. Nurture a shared prayer life

  5. Take a step of faith

  6. Restore someone’s faith

  7. Be a grateful person

  8. Share the journey

  9. Serve

  10. Cultivate a little solitude

  11. Fast and pray

  12. Turn worries over to God

  13. Spread love wherever you go

  14. Keep your priorities straight

  15. Strive for excellence

  16. Use it or lose it

  17. Meditate on Scripture

  18. Be reliable

  19. Ask God to make you a blessing today

  20. Spend time in nature

  21. Exercise your power of choice